Our Priorities

Our Priorities

With our new freedom as a charity, independent of government, our ability to engage with millions of people is now greatly strengthened.  We have identified four major priorities going forwards - Inspiration, Conservation, Involvement and Financial Sustainability.

We want to create inspiring visitor experiences that bring the story of England to life. We will also make sure our historic sites and artefacts are expertly cared for, so that they can be enjoyed by future generations. We'll find new ways to involve more people in our work.

A Roman soldier holds his sword aloft, encouraging children to participate


We'll create inspiring and enjoyable experiences for everyone at our sites, online and in print, enabling people of all ages to share in and pass on the story of England. We're going to:

1 | Capture the nation's imagination with a handful of high profile, memorable new visitor experiences and conservation stories
2 | Significantly improve our offer across the board, through consistently excellent presentation, interpretation and visitor facilities
3 | Draw on deep customer insight to build those experiences, which will give us strong local and national appeal
4 | Develop our digital offer, making the most of new technologies to tell the story of England in vivid new ways and engage a wider public
5 | Provide outstanding learning opportunities for all, whether they're visiting our sites, browsing online or reading our publications


We'll make sure our historic sites and artefacts are expertly cared for so that they can be enjoyed by future generations. We're going to:

1 | Conserve our historic sites and artefacts, putting those with the greatest need first
2 | Maintain our collection to a high standard, ensuring its continued significance
3 | Develop our collection, increasing understanding through outstanding research
4 | Increase our capacity for conservation, developing our expertise
5 | Be leaders in our field, achieving excellence in all we do

Watch our video about the current investment programme or find out more about conservation projects and tenders.


We'll find new ways to involve more people in our work. Our heritage is for everyone and people are keen to participate in protecting and illuminating it. We're going to:

1 | Engage more supporters in shaping our offer
2 | Create and publicise a greater range of volunteering opportunities
3 | Involve more diverse staff and volunteers
4 | Boost member engagement, particularly through visits to our sites
5 | Build mutually-rewarding relationships with new and current partner organisations

A father and son enjoying dressing up in historical armour

Financial Sustainability

We're going to:

1 | Grow our membership base by investing in recruitment and giving people reasons to stay with us
2 | Invest in our visitor experience, including facilities, to attract more visitors
3 | Grow our catering sites, through space expansion and other improvements, and increase income from retail, both on and off-site
4 | Increase our fundraising to support the Capital Investment Programme and other activities
5 | Bring down our costs and make more rewarding use of our assets

Registered Charity

The English Heritage Trust is a charity registered in England, no. 1140351, and a company registered in England, no. 07447221. The charity is audited by the National Audit Office, London SW1W 9SP.

The English Heritage Trust is licensed to manage the National Heritage Collection by the Historic Monuments & Buildings Commission for England.

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