Make your own history with us this Easter. Join in with some LEGO® brick building, take part in a rewarding adventure quest, or just enjoy a great value family day out.

Check out our event listings below, explore a collection of springtime craft ideas or find more inspiration for your next day out.

With over 400 historic places to visit and so much to see and do, the Easter holidays are the perfect time to get out and about.

Our Easter Adventure Quests are back and now at over 30 sites across the country. From Pendennis Castle in Cornwall to Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens in Northumberland, gather the family and join us for a cracking adventure. Hunt for clues around the sites, track down the Easter eggs and get rewarded with a tasty chocolate treat. 

If building is more your thing, why not come along to one of our LEGO® Brick Build events happening at the following sites.

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Traditional Easter Games

Discover a variety of egg-themed traditional Easter games and learn how to play them in and around your home this Easter.

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The history of Chocolate

From currency to culture, join Food Historian Sam Bilton as she investigates the history of one of the nation's favourite ingredients.

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Why do we eat eggs at Easter?

Find out with our mini history of the Easter egg and learn about unusual medieval egg-decorating techniques.

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How the English celebrated Easter

Over the centuries, Easter has become associated with many different traditions. From baked goods to ball games and bunnies, discover some of the ways that the English have celebrated Easter throughout history.

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Get ready to conquer your day out. Make a sword and shield, or learn how to paint your own eggs. Check out our 'how to' videos and activity guides below...

  • How to make a shield

    Get prepared for your Easter adventure by making your own shield. Decorate it with your own heraldic design and have the best looking protection around.

  • How to make a sword

    No adventure is complete without a trusty sword at your side. Take a look at our instructions for making your own out of cardboard and improve your swordsmanship.

  • How to Decorate Eggs for Easter

    Looking for fun crafts and activities to enjoy this Easter? Look no further than our guide to decorating Pace Eggs with colourful dyes.

  • How to paint a Henry VIII Easter Egg

    Use our tutorial to take your egg decoration to the next level and learn how to paint your own decorative Henry VIII Easter Egg.

How to Make Saffron Buns

Join Mrs Crocombe, the Victorian cook, as she shows you how to create your own Saffron Buns. They are a lovely treat, guaranteed to bring a bit of colour to any Easter table.

Alternatively try your hand at following one of our historic recipes for hot cross buns, simnel cake or the ultimate pancake pie – Banniet Tort

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History In Focus

  • Skipping at Easter

    There are many traditions we associate with Easter: bunnies, hot cross buns and, of course, eggs. But one custom that might not spring to mind is skipping. Here we explore why the simple game of jumping over a swinging rope was historically so popular at Easter time — and in some areas, still is.

  • Holy or heretical? A history of hot cross buns

    We all love a hot cross bun at Easter time, but for how long have people enjoyed this tasty treat, and how has the hot cross bun evolved over time? Dr Eleanor Barnett delves into the history of this Easter staple to discover its association with magic, superstition and religion.

  • How did medieval monks and nuns celebrate Easter?

    Senior Properties Historian Dr Michael Carter explains how abbeys and priories now in the care of English Heritage provide tangible evidence of the intense spiritual significance of Lent, Holy Week and Easter to medieval monks and nuns.

  • How the Synod of Whitby settled the date of Easter

    Uncover what happened at the landmark meeting between Christian missionaries as they decided the system for determining the dates of Easter - one we still use today. 

  • 5 Things You Might Not Know about Easter

    Easter has always been a time of celebration, but today's festivities look very different to those of previous generations. Find out about lucky Hot Cross Buns, traditional Easter sports and Edward 1’s colourful eggs.

  • How an Easter tradition was hatched

    Why do we associate treasure hunts with Easter? Discover where the egg hunt originated from and how it came to be a part of our Easter celebrations.

Podcast: The History of the Easter Hunt

Step into England's story with the English Heritage podcast.

Join presenter Charles Rowe and Senior Properties Historian Andrew Hann to discover how the seasonal tradition of the Easter egg hunt started, how the tradition has evolved, and when natural eggs were replaced by the chocolate variety we're more familiar with today.

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  • Top 10 Castles

    Want to be a king or queen for the day? We asked our Facebook followers to name their favourite English castle.

  • Victorian Cookery Recipes

    Watch Victorian recipes being brought to life, and discover the reality of life below stairs at a Victorian country house.

  • Family Days Out

    Planning your next family day out? Our special historic places are full of options for mums, dads and children alike. 


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